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Производство промышленного энергетического оборудования

PGDX сенсорные графические терминалы

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PGDX сенсорные графические терминалы
PGDX сенсорные графические терминалыВ наличии
Цену уточняйте
+375 (17) 399-56-55
  • +375 (44) 548-58-43
  • +375 (29) 688-48-17
+375 (17) 399-56-55
  • +375 (44) 548-58-43
  • +375 (29) 688-48-17

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       pGDX is the only touchscreen display that can be used to upgrade HVAC/R units designed for use with the pGD1 without needing to modify the wiring, mounting arrangement or software.

       pGD EXPERIENCE, or pGDX for short, is a new 4.3” touchscreen display, the evolution of the CAREL pGD family displays, featuring innovative functions that are not available on other user interfaces currently on the market. pGDX can moreover be easily integrated into CAREL systems, fully exploiting interaction between the different components.

       Programming using a tool with a vast variety of libraries and typical user interface functions, plus extensive connectivity via the RS485 and Ethernet ports with standard protocols, mean this display can be seamlessly integrated into all HVAC/R applications.

       pGDX is available in different models that, combined with specific accessories, can be installed in many applications and environments; it can in fact be used as a terminal on indoor or outdoor units, or as a room terminal.


  • Power supply directly from the CAREL programmable controller: pGDX is connected to the controller in the same way as the pGD1 display, with power supply and serial communication via the same cable, meaning no external power supply is needed.
  • Simulation of screens developed for previous interfaces: pGDX can not only display the graphic pages specifically developed using its programming tool, but also existing pages designed for the pGD1 display
  • Concealed USB port on the front: hidden behind the faceplate, the front USB port can be used for updates or to download logs from the pGDX without having to access the inside of the unit, and without requiring special tools
  • RGB LED bar on the front, managed by the application: with 8 different colour variations, visible at any time, and without needing to move close to the display, users can clearly identify unit status, even when the display is in standby
  • Built-in temperature/humidity probe: available as an option on the room terminal version, this can share the values read both with the terminal and the connected controller, meaning just one device, rather than two, can be installed to access the functions of both instruments
  • Optional external keypad: on the unit terminal version, pGDX can be connected to a physical keypad for more intuitive interaction with the unit, where immediate and frequent access is required
Тип управленияСенсорное
Производитель Carel
Страна производительИталия
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