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Контроллеры Hecu

Контроллеры Hecu

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Контроллеры Hecu
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     Hecu - is the solution for condensing units that use traditional HFC refrigerants, and has been designed specifically for convenience stores.
Connection to the refrigeration units allows implementation of advanced energy optimisation and system safety functions.
Guided and intuitive unit configuration simplifies both system commissioning and maintenance.
In the commercial refrigeration sector there is increasing attention to connectivity: CAREL supervisors can be used to monitor and optimise the operation of each individual system, prevent any malfunctions and plan maintenance operations, so as to ensure a high level of service in commercial refrigeration applications.


Energy efficiency

  • Better part load operation with DC technology and power+ drive
  • Minimum energy waste with precise oil and liquid injection using CAREL E2V
  • Real time and continuous energy optimization through data communication with refrigerated units


  • Oil return and recovery procedures with speed boost and evaporator washing
  • Better oil flow and easy installation with multisplit layout for suction piping


  • Intuitive programming with advanced PGD user terminal and service tool
  • Easy tuning and optimization using wizard procedure
  • Fast commissioning through automatic pre-configuration and easy service menù

Производится в исполнениях:

ECU50SM0C0 - pRack Hecu controller, 230 Vac, RTC, 2 single-pole EEVS, connector kit, no BMS, FLSMTDMCUSU.

Совместим с терминалом PGDE.

Производитель  Carel
Страна производительИталия
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