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Производство промышленного энергетического оборудования

Серия Hecu для управления конденсацией холодильного оборудования

Hecu система это решение, предназначенное для повышения энергоэффетивности соммерческого холодильного оборудования, работающего на обычных фреонах и  натуральных хладагентах, таких как углекислый газ CO2.

The system’s distinctive features include the use of DC inverter technology and real-time synchronisation with the refrigeration units. Hecu sistema meets the requirements of the latest environmental sustainability standards relating to energy consumption (Eco-design directive) and the use of low GWP refrigerants (F-Gas regulation). Stable control means high-quality food preservation and a drastic reduction in waste.

Hecu sistema is also compatible with all CAREL supervisors, which can monitor each individual system or groups of systems, and offer dashboards to simplify interpretation and analysis of system operation.


  • Solution compliant with European and international targets to adopt low GWP refrigerants and achieve better energy efficiency at part loads
  • Available for both traditional HFC refrigerants and natural refrigerants such as CO2
  • Low refrigeration system carbon footprint, of special interest to the retail industry
  • High food quality and consequently less waste
  • Simplified energy management initiatives through the use of connectivity tools and availability of complete information on each system
  • Data analytics tools for system optimisation and preventive maintenance